Project: First Nation Community
Location: British Columbia
Size: 120 m3/d (30,000 gpd)
Contract: Design-Supply-Install-Operate

Key objectives: odorless, noiseless, hidden; environmentally sensitive discharge; modular and expandable; local operation with remote supervision

This decentralized facility, serving the small Vancouver Island community became operational in 2006. It is completely inconspicuous, and noise and odor free. Most importantly, the plant produces a high quality effluent discharged into the very sensitive environment of Nanoose Bay: BOD5, TSS and Total Nitrogen of less than respectively 10, 10 and 20 mg/L, Ammonia Nitrogen of less than 1 mg/L and Fecal Coliform of less than 14/100 mL.

The plant consists of a fine mechanical drum screen, USBF® bioreactors, sand filters and UV disinfection. It includes two bioreactor modules, and a provision has been made for future modular expansion.

The plant was contracted as a Design-Build-Operate (DBO) project and it included the development of a training program for two Nanoose First Nation members. Supervised by ECOfluid, the plant’s day-to-day operation is performed by the two members.