Project: Commercial Development
Location: British Columbia
Size: 500 m3/d (130,000 gpd)
Contract: Design-Supply-Install

Key objectives: modular and expandable; enhanced nitrogen reduction; architecturally distinct

This plant was originally constructed to serve the Osoyoos Indian Band’s Senkulmen Business Park. The park is being developed in phases and as such, the design allows for the incremental plant expansion, with the current plant capacity of 500 m3/d (130,000 gpd) constructed over two initial phases. Two additional future phases will expand the plant to its ultimate capacity of 1,100 m3/d (290,000 gpd).

The plant consists of a rotary drum influent screen, flow equalization, USBF® bioreactors, microfiltration for effluent polishing and UV disinfection. The facility also pre-thickens sludge prior to sending it to drying beds. The entire process is automatic and SCADA monitored/controlled, reducing operator’s direct on-site input requirements.

Apart from the modular expandability, the design objectives included flexibility and robustness to handle influent streams from a local winery as well as a future federal correctional facility, incorporation of advanced features including solar power generation, and an architecturally distinct design allowing the plant to fit seamlessly within the native theme of this progressive development.

Operated by the Osoyoos Indian Band, the facility discharges Class A+ effluent (BOD, TSS and Total Nitrogen of respectively less than 10, 10 and 10 mg/L, Turbidity less than 2 NTU and Fecal Coliform of less than 2.2/100 mL) to wetlands.