ECOfluid Systems Inc. is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Design-Build contract to supply a package wastewater treatment plant at Square Bay, a seaside residential community of ~90 homes located 15 km north of Sechelt, BC.

The winning design will utilize ECOfluid’s USBF® technology with its proven record of reduced electrical consumption, and ease of operation & maintenance. Features mitigating noise and odour, and enhanced aesthetics were incorporated in the design because of the close proximity to residential dwellings.

The new plant replaces an existing 40 year-old system owned and operated by the Sunshine Coast Regional District. ECOfluid has designed the system to meet the Regional District standards for sewage treatment facilities utilizing an ocean outfall as outlined in the Halfmoon Bay Liquid Waste Management Plan.

ECOfluid expects to complete the project by February, 2018.